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    • 05 Nov 2019
    • 10:00 AM
    • 30 Nov 2019
    • 5:00 PM
    • VASA main gallery

    “The veil was torn from top to bottom…” Matt 27:51, Mk 15:38, Luke 23:45

    As a member of the world population on this jewel of a planet, I would like to offer something positive and lasting for the benefit of future generations. Not long ago I discovered the difference between charity and social justice. I have come to realise charity is a band-aid used to maintain the status quo and, at best, a temporary help in times of crisis. There seems to be a growing need for it these days. Social justice, on the other hand, attempts to source out the root causes of the dis-ease with a view to rectifying the imbalance. Much more long term. And peace can only be achieved within a balanced world.

    Many comments verify an ambiance of peace within my images. Ambiance is good as far as it goes. Underlying the semblance of peace, however, is a desire to disturb the universe, to create awareness among the comfortable. The poetry and the Bible quotes aim at doing so. Yet in the hidden recesses of the painting they often go unnoticed.

    Placing the poetry on a transparent veil covering the landscape brings more attention to the words. The veil moves with a passing breeze catching light here and there. Lifting the veil reveals another visual reminder of the beauty surrounding us and the responsibility we have to care for it as well as each other.

    The veil separating the assembly from the “Holy of Holies” was torn from top to bottom upon the death of Jesus. Separation is an illusion created to protect the privileged. All is sacred. Now is the acceptable time to desist in the desecration of the holy. Let us begin today.

    • 03 Dec 2019
    • 21 Dec 2019
    • vasa

    • 05 Dec 2019
    • 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • VASA

    VASA Presents – Merry Masquerade

    Save the date
    for a Winter Opening Reception and Fundraiser gala for VASA! This year’s fundraiser is especially important to the longevity and sustainability of our strong community presence, and so we are combining it with our regular scheduled opening to showcase our members and asking patrons like you to donate funds that will directly impact our operating dollars. By purchasing a ticket and attending, having a great time and potentially winning one of our amazing door prizes, you are helping us continue to provide community workshops and classes and most perhaps most importantly – exhibition opportunities to local emerging and professional artists!

    Who: You!

    Where: VASA 25 Sir Winston Churchill Ave

    When: Thursday December 5th 6:00PM – 10:00PM

    What: A masquerade themed Fundraiser. An assortment of masks will be available for purchase at the door. Fancy dresses and suits are not mandatory but encouraged. Embellishment adds to the festivities!

    Also, check out these fantastic extras:

    ·       World renown artist - Lewis Lavoie will be live painting! This painting is available for auction!

    ·       All Member winter art show (with many artists donating significant proceeds from the sale of their work to VASA)

    ·       A silent auction of items donated by our wonderful community

    ·       Door prizes

    • ·       Delicious snacks and refreshments

    ·       Cash bar

    ·       A photo booth

    Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at Eventbrite:



01 Oct 2019 Hard Edge / Soft Touch - Frank van Veen
03 Sep 2019 Faces and Facades — Bruce Allen and Peter Ono
30 Jul 2019 Untouched — Doris Charest
02 Jul 2019 In my Fatherland — Dunni George
04 Jun 2019 Traveling to the Edge of Ordinary — Catherine McMillan
30 Apr 2019 Symphony of Origin — Casandra Plester
02 Apr 2019 Members Spring Exhibition
05 Mar 2019 Floral Riffs - Miles Constable
05 Feb 2019 Excavate - Margriet Hogue
04 Dec 2018 VASA All Member Winter Show
30 Oct 2018 Nature Wears the Colour of the Spirit - Shelby Willis
02 Oct 2018 From Within - Cathy Bible
04 Sep 2018 Authentic Art Student Exhibition
30 Jul 2018 The Journey - Jori Warren
03 Jul 2018 Convection - Jay Bigam
05 Jun 2018 Panel Discussion - Goop Of 7
01 May 2018 Friends of Mine - Denise Lefebvre
03 Apr 2018 Members Spring Exhibition
27 Feb 2018 Uncovered and Unashamed - Andréa Schmidt
30 Jan 2018 Emerging from Ignorance - Alena Valova
31 Oct 2017 Small Town Living by JakeJoy Mulyk
03 Oct 2017 Mystical Magical Fantasy
05 Sep 2017 Feathers and Fur- Tammy Taylor
01 Aug 2017 Through The Paint- Cathy Bible, Miles Constable, Janet Sutanto
27 Jun 2017 Glorious and Free A Celebration of Canada
29 May 2017 Sacred by Karen Blanchet
02 May 2017 Nature's Garden group show
04 Apr 2017 Members Spring Exhibition
28 Feb 2017 Leaving Marks by Star Newman
31 Jan 2017 Release and Discovery - An Introspective by Pat Wagensveld
29 Nov 2016 Thank Our Stars - Holiday Season Member show
18 Oct 2016 Textural Dimensions by Pam Baergen and Rick Rogers
20 Sep 2016 Authentic Art Exhibit
23 Aug 2016 New Pointillism and Retrospective Journey- Pat Trudeau
26 Jul 2016 Drawing on Life - Catherine Compston, Carroll Charest, Deltra Powney, Judy Martin, Sharon Moore-Foster, Daphne Cote, Nancy Corrigan
28 Jun 2016 30 Shades of Round A Journey of Mixed Media Mosaics - Helen Rogers
31 May 2016 Voyage to Future Places - Twilla Coates and Ricardo Copado
03 May 2016 Members Spring Exhibition
22 Mar 2016 "Femme Noir" - by Larissa Hauk and Marina Alekseeva
02 Feb 2016 "The Fine Line Between..." The Goop of 7
01 Dec 2015 Members Winter Exhibition
03 Nov 2015 Kindred - Karen Blanchet
30 Sep 2015 Documenting - Samantha Williams-Chapelsky
01 Sep 2015 Wild At Heart
05 Aug 2015 The Iconic Alberta Rose
30 Jul 2015 Over/Under Paths
04 Jun 2015 Wine Women and Song
02 Jun 2015 Women Portraying Women
05 May 2015 Spring Members Exhibition
31 Mar 2015 Doris Charest - Views
03 Mar 2015 Leonard Simpson - Light Quest
03 Feb 2015 Ferris/Hofer - Coincide
02 Dec 2014 Cash & Carry
28 Oct 2014 My Asia - Cam Wilson
25 Sep 2014 Authentic Art
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